STIE Al-Madani: Fostering Entrepreneurial Innovation and Global Collaboration

Bandar Lampung. On a bright Saturday, October 14, 2023, STIE Al-Madani, a prestigious institution committed to providing top-quality education, encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship, and building valuable international partnerships, successfully hosted three noteworthy events. It serves as a springboard for students to develop not only academically but also as aspiring entrepreneurs. The day began with a special visit to Al-Madani UnivStore, an innovative business incubator that serves as a platform for students to develop their hard and soft skills, as well as their business management competencies. Mr. Arnold Toppen, from PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, not only provided guidance and engaged in discussions with the in-charge students but also sampled their bestselling rice bowl. “It’s delicious!” he exclaimed.

The enthusiasm then turned to Graha UAM. Dr. Liza Alvia, S.E., M.Sc., Akt., CA., representing the Global Madani Education Foundation and serving as the Director of Perguruan Tinggi Al-Madani (PTAM), extended a warm welcome to the guests and participants. Dr. Alvia encouraged the students to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities that surround them, setting the stage for future business leaders. Just before the main event, PTAM renewed its cooperation agreement with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts. Dr. Alvia and Dr. Ir. Erwanto, M.S., representing PUM Netherlands for Lampung Province, took centre stage for this important occasion. PTAM is now ready to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing.

The grand finale was an engaging General Lecture on Entrepreneurship by Mr. Arnold Toppen. He unveiled the secrets of ‘How to Start and Grow a Business,’ urging students to think creatively and critically. He highlighted the importance of having a clear vision, mission, strategy, and achievable goals in any successful business. The discussions were a valuable source of knowledge! The students posed exciting questions, and Mr. Toppen shared his wealth of expertise. As a symbol of appreciation, STIE Al-Madani gifted souvenirs from Al-Madani UnivStore to PUM Netherlands, symbolising the strong bond between the institution and its esteemed partner. The day ended with an unforgettable photo session, capturing shared experiences and a wealth of knowledge.

STIE Al-Madani remains steadfast in its mission: to nurture entrepreneurship, foster global partnerships, and equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the rapidly developing business world. This event serves as evidence of the institution’s persistent commitment to its vision: modern, excellent, and dignified.

Written by: Syofian Hadi

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